This article will show you how to make an inexpensive, safe, and comfortable face shield in 30 seconds using a plastic file folder.

Held in place at the front, top, and back your the head, this disposable face shield is very stable while still maintaining good ventilation. Just follow the steps below to make your own!

1. Print the PDF pattern and place it in the clear folder

Download and print the PDF pattern that matches the size of your file folder (both A4 and US Letter are provided above). Insert the pattern into the plastic folder, making sure to align as indicated.

Note: Please be sure to use a high-transparency PP or PET file folder. It’s a good idea to try looking through the file folder before cutting to confirm visibility.

2. Cut along the lines as indicated

Find the three lines marked with “CUT” and little scissor symbols. The line next to the words “HEAD BAND” is marked with three different sizes: S, M, and L. The model is wearing a size M. After choosing the appropriate size, cut along all three lines.

3. Put it on and you're done!

Fold back the headband and give it a try! You might be surprised that it’s as comfortable as any expensive face shield on the market.

Product Design : EIsuke Tachikawa, Lee NiyenGraphic Design : Eisuke TachikawaMovie : Jin NagaoTranslation: Megan Dick