Many people are now spending more time together at home, with children going on school holidays and adults going to remote work. In this context, we want to share some useful daily information such as "how to spend time with children at home" and "time for children that can be done at home".

Projects for Children in the World

"save with stories"

By "Save the children" and "NO KID HUNGRY"

Picture Book Reading Project for Children (Instagram)

For Children, for Learning

There is a full version of sesami street (30 minutes) and "yoga animation" that can be enjoyed by children. "Fun at Home Activities!" lists songs and read-alouds. We can learn about world cultures as well as nationalities and genders through relatable characters.

It has very easy to understand playlists and can be used as an English learning tool for children. You can enjoy the puppet animation or see the classic animation as if a picture book. The color is always gentle and easy to read.

Message for children and their family, from teacher Alessandra, the leading authority on the Reggio approach.

For Children, for Playing

Provided by a platform for children's playing and learning, "Hoikuru". It contains some ideas that would be fun until around 10 years old.

Tokyo Toy Museum of Art and Toy Consultant, a specialist in play, support children's play during the temporary school holidays. There are various videos of easy to play.

A collection of tips on how to make and play with toys from familiar objects, produced jointly by the Tokyo Toy Museum and Child Research Net (CRN). It is said that the first time we delivered DVDs to the area after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

For Children, for the Wisdom of Life

We will share some useful wisdom and ideas for spending time with children.

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